Worked with the people at WeTransfer along with some of my Handsome Frank chums. The theme was FLOW and that was it. Simple.



Working with the awesome Charlie Smith Design and Byron here's my illustrations for the Glasgow hoarding for their new restaurant. God I love their burgers.



My first animation WOO!

The team at VH1 needed to tell the story of Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and the origins of Heavy Metal and it's bloody beginnings.

The project started with a script with Tony narrating his early experiences which I used to create a storyboard. I was given creative freedom which proved excellent, as most of my suggestions were a included. So by the end we had around 50 frames from which I then produced final art. All within a three week period....ouch.

I totally loved the idea of the MACHINE as a supporting character and used that to create the factory building's 'face' - also can you spot the beast? A cross between Judas Priest's Hellion and a totally Metal Unicorn - happy days.

Thanks to all at VH1 - one awesome team.

Let's ROCK!!!!!

Tony Iommi from Paul Blow on Vimeo.


Predictive Policing

An interesting piece this week for Security Magazine examining how algorithms can predict when and where crime might occur, similar to that film with Tom Cruise, but thankfully without the good scientologist himself.

This piece owes a debt to the superb Jacques Tati. Leg End.


New York Times

Quick commission from The New York Times Sunday Book Review last week reviewing Peter Carey's now novel Amnesia. A plot which revolves around the origins of a cyber attack on the US Prison system, which basically sets felons free.

So go on my friends, run free.



For those with an eye on history you'll already know it's the anniversary of Winston Churchill's death. But some of you may wonder what he meant when he would used the acronym KBO? Ketchup Brings Oblivion, Kangaroos Botches Only? Well FYI it meant Keep Buggering On. What a true Brit.

Anyway I did this cover for Little Brown and it was one of those times when the rough sketch becomes the final art, which was nice.


François Truffaut

This month see's the release of a limited edition screen print from the exquisite people at Nautilus Art Prints. Working with La Cinemateque they commissioned four artists to interpret the most famous of François Truffaut's films. They included Jonathan Burton, François Schuiten and Mick Wiggins.

Naturally I chose Les 400 Coups.... not sure why.


Idn Magazine

Very honoured this month to be the poster/cover boy for the very excellent IdN v21n3: Editorial Illustration – New Faces of Inspiration and to get a full spread inside along with some awesome editorial specialists, including Miles Donovan, David Foldvari, Paul X. Johnson and Joe Wilson.



Here in the UK we don't have much comedy. I jest. But in the US they also have comedy, who knew? I jest again.

Here's the biggest jester in the US at the moment Louis C.K. for a piece for Variety.

I've stopped jesting.


Microsoft and Nokia

Lovely simple commission recently for the very talented crew at The Church of London.

As you know Microsoft and Nokia have recently joined together and to mark the occasion TCOLondon commissioned a number of global illustrators.

The “Day One” book celebrates the two tech titans’ history of innovation and the possibilities their new partnership holds.

The illustration-rich book features work by a team of international artists overseen by TCOLondon Creative Director Timba Smits. Contributions from talent across the globe include work by Kendrick Kidd, Paul Pensom, Paul Blow, Elena Taylor, Eliot Wyatt, Alec Doherty, Raid 71 and Khuan+Ktron.



Pick Me Up 2014

I was asked by the team at Pick Me Up, Somerset House to run a wee workshop for a day so I decided to run it as an Absurd Drawing Workshop - for me that's what it's all about, drawing the absurd. Absurd I know.

Had a great time and met some lovely people, just need to lie down now and recover.


Little White Lies

I love this zine - so I was super excited when I was asked to illustrate a double page spread featuring arguably the best film makers in the business - The Coen Brothers.

The illo depicts a typical New York scene, inspired by their latest film Inside Llweyn Davis.


Gay Rights

My US agent Anna Goodson is running a big campaign supporting Gay Rights in Russia. All her illustrators created an image for the website, it's going viral as they say. Enjoy!


Washington Post

Wow six months went by... where the hell did that go?

Cover for the Washington Post this week was a test, but after a whole bunch of rough ideas we got there - Thanks to Kristin a great AD.... more news to follow later this month. But don't hold your breath, no stop it you'll make yourself ill.