New York Times Sunday Review

Woo Hoo! I made the front cover of the New York Times Sunday Review. It's all down hill from now....


Wrap Magazine

Just received my copy of the rather super nice re-formated Wrap Magazine. Human Endeavours is the theme and if you've been following me on Twitter you'll know I'm building my own wooden house...... trust me when I say that is one BIG human endeavour. Anyway, inside the zine you'll find all sorts of wonderfully talented image makers and of course me and my house.

Go get it here!

And if you ever use a chop saw be careful not to lose your fingers, hand, arm.... head....etc.


The Curious Incident...

The super people at Random House will launch a whole new series of classic children's books this August.

'The launch list of twenty titles will be published in August 2012 and will feature perennial favourites such as Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island alongside much-loved contemporary classics exclusive to Random House including The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne.'

All new covers by some excellent illustrators including my good friend Adam Stower. Marvellous.


Flamingo & Bear

My first private commission for a couple who recently got married.... the brief was simply 'Flamingo and Bear'. I enjoyed using a more sensitive colour range, something I'd like to pursue further.


The Art of Camping

It's the season to head off and be with nature. A Penguin commission I did last year as a hardback has come out in paperback. The Art of Camping by Matthew De Abaitua is a must for any camper new or old. Will Self said, 'A tremendous book.... the perfect chiaroscuro of personal observation, wit and insight. Splendid.' and he should know.


Shop - Milan

Earlier this year I was asked to create a cover by Studio8 for the SHOP guides to Europe and it's fabulous cities.....I was given the hats of Milan. Chic huh?


Print Shop

I have a new shop! Go buy some stuff so I can buy some stuff and then someone else can buy some stuff and then that someone can buy some...... HERE



Do you like science - not really? Well to make it a little more palatable I've illustrated an article in the NewScientist this week. It's about how technology is deciding what we see and what's best for us. Good bad - you decide....



Self Help Books

The New Review on Sunday (The Independent). A wee piece I did....may have lost my head over this one.



Pet Portraits

I love artists pet portraits...."Oh you're an artist, how nice. I have a pet, he's adorable. Could you paint me a picture of him.... oh you must be so talented."

So when CMI zine asked me to create a series, I immediately felt very 'talented'. Every day of the week has a personality....



Corporate Knights

Last month Corporate Knights magazine asked me to produce a cover for their 'War on Carbon' issue. They originally wanted quite a complex scene showing the machinations of a war room. I came up with an alternative idea which I'm pleased to say they went for! Less is MORE....



Film/Art/Chat Event

Reprint is a new bi-monthly event series in London that combines three of our favourite things: film, art, and a bit of a chat. Each event will allow an artist or designer to showcase their talent, by creating a print for sale that’s inspired by a new film screened at the event. The first event will be at the Curzon Cinema in Soho, with a preview screening of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, where an exclusive screenprint designed by celebrated illustrator Paul Blow will be available to buy, starting at the fairly modest price of £40.

The first event is at 6.20pm on 8th September at Curzon Soho and entry for the screening and talk by Paul Blow is £12.50. Keep an eye on the RePrint facebook page to find out more.

Other Links:

Small Print
Graphik Mag



Weekend print on sale
The chaps at INPRNT now have my popular 'Weekend' illo for sale - and it comes in two sizes. One for Saturday and one for Sunday..... perfect.



Pick Me Up

The lovely people at Somerset House have asked me to take part in the 2nd 'Pick Me Up' show in March.

17-27 March 2011
Daily 10.00-19.00, Thursdays until 21.00
Embankment Galleries, South Wing

I've used some bloggers photos - Hope that's OK....



Red Nose Day - Jamie's Monster Bake Sale

I was asked by the gang at Penguin to help design and illustrate the cover for Jamie Olivers new Red Nose Day Cook Book. This year the theme is Monsters so we had lots of fun with cakes, costumes and chocolate.

It's now a bestseller!

That cake looks fantastic! Can I have my cake and eat it? Hell yes....

Go and buy one here. It's for a good cause.



Anorak - Oscar's diary

The lovely Rob and Cathy at Anorak magazine (y'know for kids) asked me and some other artists to illustrate a page from the diary of Oscar Kirk. Started in 1919 he was a messenger boy who lived and worked in the London Docks and it's all on display at the Museum of London Docklands.

Here are the photo's from the gallery.




You'll find me on the cover of 3x3 the 'Magazine for Contemporary Illustration'. The excellent Charles Hively is the publishing genius behind this zine - and I'd like to thank Matt Johnson, Spike Golding and Philliy Page for all their fantastic help.

Go here and get yourself one - now!



It's Nice That

If you buy one publication this year make sure its the fourth edition of It's Nice That - not only does some of my work feature within these hallowed pages, but also some amazing work by some of my favorite illustrators. Go here.

But also, you will receive a wee card with yours truly - a blue hairy man/monster. Yum.




The chaps at FormFiftyFive asked me to do an illustration header for their fabulous design blog. I said 'Red Riding Hood' and they said 'cool.'

It's more than just a blog, it's a comprehensive source of inspiration.



Creative Review Illustration Annual

My work for the New York Times was selected for July's Creative Review. Flip it over and you get to see fifty or so of the best illustrations from around the world.



Evolver Magazine

Evolver is a Dorset Arts Magazine which is published every two months. I'm their 'illustrator in residence' so to speak.



Denver Magazine

Just competed this illustration for the lovely Denver Magazine - the author talks about life without TV.

This is something my wife and I have 'discussions' over every so often. Do we need it, what does it actually contribute to our lives? I go through a love hate relationship with it - at the moment I love to hate it.



Go Red

Illustrators from across the land were asked by the design firm The Partners, to contribute to the charity Richard House, the first children's hospice in London. We were asked to doodle, draw, scribble or scrawl a body part for a series of consequence portraits that will be auctioned at the Coningsby gallery London.

Check out the blog www.goinggoinggone-red.org/



Usbek & Rica

The people at gr20paris asked me to do some illos for a new French zine called Usbek & Rica. A sort of literary political forward thinking zine. I illustrated a piece by the writer Colum McCann about his childhood in Dublin and his relationship with his Dad. I really enjoyed the whole process and was pleased with the final outcome.



Little Red

Lucky Numbers Music asked to illustrate a limited edition 7" single for a new band - Little Red. NME described it as 'intriguingly sinister' in their record sleeve of the day, which was nice.....



Independent Magazine

I was asked to illustrate the difficult subject in last weeks Independent Magazine – ‘Mummy, dearest?: The pitfalls of life with a difficult mother’. A leading psychologist examines the uncomfortable truth that many mums have complicated, damaging relationships with their offspring.